Choosing the right table size

Are you looking for an ideal table to add to your home? If yes, then this blog is all that you need to read. Few quick tips for selecting the right table size for your space or bed. When deciding the proper size, there are two key points to consider: the size of the room and how many individuals you choose to sit. Furthermore, you can also take care of what you wish to do in the room; will you have big social gatherings or do you have small dinner parties more frequently and choose a more casual setting?

If you want to add a perfect table to your home, then you must consider the following:

Consider the size of the room

The size of your room can significantly influence your decision to purchase a specific table. You will not want to get the chairs stuck when your guests are trying to be seated. Therefore, you need to consider the size of the room when selecting a table.

Generally, a 36-inch gap from the chair to the wall is recommended to get in and out of the dining room chair. However, it is expedient to place the chair that offers a 42-48 inch gap.

Consider the size of the table.

The length of the table should be around 24 inches per the number of people seated at the table. 30 inches per person makes for more space and flexibility for the elbow to be placed with comfort. If you are thinking about buying a rectangular shaped table, add 12 inches at each end to make sure that everyone is comfortable.

You must consider the following details of the table if you want it to fit in your home perfectly:

Consider the table width

It can be ranged from 30-48 inches tall, given the breadth of the table. The benefit of the small table is that it is more comfortable; people do not sit too far apart from others across them, and this will make it easier to chat. The spacious surface area is beneficial for larger tables. If you choose to place food platters in the centre of the table, or even decorate the surface with flowers, then large tables will make more room for a festive setting.

There are also a couple of considerations to remember. Various chairs occupy various quantities of space. You can debate over armchairs versus side chairs, large upholstered chairs, narrow back chairs, etc. So, select your type of chair in mind when deciding about tablespace. You must also consider the number of people you wish to seat on the dining room table.


Finally, don’t forget to hang the table cloth at the edge of the table. For an antique look, a  

good table maker will set the apron back or bring it up to the edge. Traditionally, the length of the overhand is limited to two inches draping downwards. You can customise the length, depending on your style preferences.

Table height

The height of a decent table is around 30 inches. The placement of the chair must be about 18 inches from the foot, so cross-check to ensure that you do not have an odd height of the chair.

After considering all these factors, if you want to design the right table, then it is highly recommended to get custom made tables, as it will let you focus on every detail when getting the table made.

Custom wood tables are a good option as these are trendy and can complement any design or colour. Reach out to custom furniture making services to get the perfect table for your dining space.

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