Things to make your drawing room stand out


Where do you spend most of your time? If you think about it, your answer cannot be anything other than the drawing-room. Drawing rooms are the central hub where families spend most of the time. They host parties, hang out, do stuff together, and indulge in conversation. Many drawing rooms have a fixed number of furniture items of decoration. The favorite room in any family showcases the successes, prestige, and standing of the family.

These are some of the ways through which you can revamp your drawing room in the most eye-catching manner:

Incorporate custom made sofa

You can easily find a wide range of sofas in the market, but if you want to make your drawing room stand out, then you must get a custom made sofa created exclusively for your home. You can easily find good quality custom sofa makers in Dubai. This will help you in getting the dream sofa.

Add attractive light fixtures

Incorporating too many lights and bulbs can overkill the look and can alter or adversely affect a home’s point of focus. Switch an unattractive lighting device to an exquisite chandelier that compliments the modern style of your drawing room. You can install a contemporary chandelier to embellish the room. Strong ceiling colours complement a room’s lighter shade. Alternatively, a brighter, adorned glass shade holds the emphasis on the interior decoration of your drawing room.

The mirror can give you a larger feel

If you want to give a spacious look in your drawing room, then you can integrate mirrors into your interior design. These will add a stylish and contemporary touch in your drawing-room. You can either rest a larger mirror in front of the wall or fix it.

Include dense foliage

A little bit of green never hurts anyone. You can add a little touch of shrubs, leaves and bushes. This will provide a character and brighten up your dull coloured walls. You can also pair greenery with wooden pieces of furniture.

Exposed walls and ceiling designs

Exposed brick wall ceilings are becoming a popular trend in modern homes. Drawing rooms are welcoming ceiling designs wholeheartedly in Dubai. Textured ceiling designs  

are a great idea if you have basic paints on the walls.

LCD panel designs

Every house has its own tradition when it comes to watching TV or listening to music. You can add LCD panels in your drawing rooms by making them sit against the wall. This can enhance the feel of your drawing room.

Low furniture can add a class in your drawing room

Low furniture enables you to make your floor look cosy and classy. You can add beanbags, couches, low sofas and coffee tables to give your drawing room a comfy and classy look.

Contrasting coloured walls

Nothing can catch the attention of your guests more than the contrasting coloured walls. You can adorn a navy blue, or a red wall, by adding a wall hanging or attractive painting. The key is to keep the colour contrast in mind.

Family-friendly designs

Drawing rooms are for the entire family. You must make sure that every member of the family can be entertained in the drawing-room. You must have enough sofas, and if you have a big family, then you can get a custom made sofa.

Refashion and repurpose

Repurposing antique furniture is a perfect way to create a focal point in your home. Reconsider the bits you do have. Upholster a plain bamboo cushion, choose a white colour to match with shelves- if there are any, sew fancy trims around the borders of cushions and replace the curtains. This will help you revamp your drawing room without spending a fortune.

Everyone wants to have a unique and mesmerizing drawing-room. You can use the aforementioned tips to design your drawing room proficiently.

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