What type of shoe storage is right for you?

Are you tired of the messy and unorganized scattering of your shoes? If yes, you do not have to worry about it anymore. This blog contains a variety of shoe storage options that you can utilize, as per your needs and requirements.

There is a wide range of shoe storage options in Dubai; you might be surprised by the endless possibilities. The best part about all these options is that these are easy on your pocket. Now, you can organize your favourite shoes without spending too much money on shoe cabinets, and you can get a new pair of shoes from the saved money.

Regular shoe cabinet- 12 to 30 pairs

Any standard cabinets are designed to be within a shoe-storage cabinet range. Adapting the size of the racks can help you fit various types of shoes, such as boots, high heels, flats and men’s shoes. Some of them have air holes for cooling, so the shoes and the cabinet do not radiate a pungent scent.

Getting a customised shoe cabinet created will complement the interior of your home, as these can serve as attractive furniture pieces, as well as being the tool that facilitates organisation and storage. You can get a customised regular shoe cabinet in Dubai.

Tilt-out or pull-down show cabinet- 16 to 36 pairs

If you have immense love for shoes, then this can be helpful for you in organising your shoes. The best part about this type of shoe cabinet is that it can store a larger number of shoes while taking up the same amount of space as the regular cabinet. You can also get a custom made tilt-out shoe cabinet in Dubai. It is ideal for hallways and spare rooms.

Over-the-door shoe hanger- 12 to 36 pairs

Over-the-door shoe hanger is the perfect solution for you if you are running short on space in your home. It does not require any assembly or installation, which makes it convenient to be used instantly. You can hang it over a regular door or a closet rod. It usually comes with 24 pockets, allowing you to organize 24 or more shoe pairs.

Shoe benches- 5 to 10 pairs

If you are conscious about the dust and germs entering your home, then this can help you out. You can place it in the entryway to put the shoes right away. It might require assimilation, but it is pretty simple.

Under-the-bed shoe storage- 6 to 12 pairs

If you have a gap between your bed and the floor, you can utilise it for shoe storage. Get an under-the-bed shoe shelf that comes along with four rolling casters that makes it easier for you to slide it in and out. It can cover up to 12 pairs depending upon the size of it.

Shoe ottoman- 10 to 20 pairs

If you are looking for a two-in-one solution, then you can add a shoe ottoman in your home. It provides you with space for shoe storage along with some extra seating in your bedroom or lounge. It usually has ample space to take in up to 20 pairs easily. A shoe ottoman can also serve as a resting spot by allowing you to put your feet up and relax!

Free Standing shoe rack- up to 50 pairs

If you have a good number of people living in your home, then this is ideal for you, as it can cover up to 50 pairs of shoes. You can easily find a shoe rack maker in Dubai if you want to get a shoe rack designed just for you.

These were some of the ways through which you can organise your shoes to make them endure longer. Shoe racks and cabinets can make it much easier for you to organize your shoes in a matter of no time.

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