It is no less than a fantasy for a newly married couple to commence their journey with a place of their own. However, buying a house is a goal that takes years to achieve, but that should not stop couples to get a place on rent or within their economical confines and design it in a way that fits their needs.
Furthermore, doing residential interior designing with a partner you have chosen for a lifetime is an experience no married person should miss on. Designing together the place you will be calling home introduces spouses to each other’s choices and preferences and enables them to exercise making necessary adjustments between two conflicting opinions. 

However, making a house transform into your home is an extremely daunting and laborious task and it is also very intimidating for people who have little or no experience of interior designing, especially in terms of furniture, as it is very difficult to strike the right balance between style and viability.

If you currently reside in Dubai, then shed all your worries for Bamboo WoodWork is always at your service to design the perfect furniture based on your blueprint or just a picture on Pinterest that grabbed your attention and would safely deliver it to your doorstep. Since minor clever changes make major differences, we have put together some extremely smart ideas for you to conveniently make yourself at home in your house. 

Home is where the Gut is!

For the majority of the people, home is where the pervading aroma of freshly baked cookies exist and since the kitchen holds such a sentimental value it is important to put the effort into designing them. To bring out your inner Martha Stewart, it is incumbent to create a space that suits your cooking style. With houses becoming smaller and smaller, the need for open spaces is becoming more and more pronounced, that is why most people are now preferring open kitchens. Open kitchens also help family members to stay connected with other family members and guests. Other features that can instantly make you feel at home include counters and cabinets. White counter tables are a popular choice, as they make the kitchen appear wider and airier, and it is preferable to go for custom made kitchen cabinets, as you would feel more comfortable working around the space that showcases your sense of style.

Brighten it up

Usually, rooms have a couple of tube lights fixed on the ceiling and a lamp standing idly around the corner. This is helpful only if you just want to see things clearly, but if you really want to brighten your place up, then bring more light fixtures, like fairy lights, light pendants, chandeliers and floor lamps of any colour you like, but since warm lights have semblance with natural light it is best to choose them

Fill in some colours

Every one of us has a favourite colour, whether we admit it or not there are certain colours that never fail to grab our attention and admiration, therefore to bring some life to your living place,  there is nothing better than filling it with colours that reflect your personality. Some people are drawn to ivories and greens as they like their home to always look refreshing, while others are allured by purplish and greyish tones because they like their space to feel warm and welcoming. Going for a balanced approach is always recommended, therefore it is best to put bright colour in one major wall of the room and complimenting it by keeping other walls neutral.

Get a bed set!

A bedroom is without a doubt the most important spot of the house, it is basically a home within a home. There is no way better to make your haven more comfortable than having a custom made bedroom furniture. Since some people want their bed heads to be large, others absolutely hate it as their taste is more simplistic and contemporary, and therefore it is always better to do a consensus with your partner about the theme of the bedroom.

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