The 4 Cabinet Styles You Need To Know

Before you start with your exploration in the kitchen furniture industry, type “cabinet styles” into Google images. You will come across a plethora of glossy, modern-looking wood cabinets adorned with different styles of ornate arches, inset stained glass, and louvered doors. However, all the furniture gurus advise homeowners to go for a trend-resistant cabinet design. If you follow this strategy, the interior of your house will remain fresh and timeless. On top of that, it will also ensure that your home looks as beautiful by the end of the year as it was at the beginning. 

A smart homeowner should always opt for tidy and streamlined cabinetry. In the modern world, many people are favouring custom made kitchen cabinets as they are a convenient and inexpensive approach to revamp the space in your house. The trend of custom furniture in Dubai is taking up the pace, and many are enjoying the perks that come with it. 

If you want to have custom made kitchen cabinets and have no idea which style to go for, here are the ideal designs that are taking the interior design industry by the storm in 2021: 

#1 Shaker-style cabinets 

Over the years, many traditional styles are now only seen as out-dated architecture when it comes to interior designing. Since it is an agile sector, you can expect fresh trends surfacing up every year. This time, shaker-style cabinets are gaining much popularity among new-age homeowners. All the credit goes to their minimalistic and unique look that attracts the eye of every individual. These futuristic cabinets usually feature five segments. 

  • Stiles: vertical pieces on the sides. 
  • Rails: horizontal pieces on the top and bottom. 
  • Recessed panels in the middle. 
  • Center panels. 

The way that shaker-style cabinets are making the headlines in the designing industry, it seems like this classic look is here to stay for a long time. 

2. Glass-front cabinets 

Glass adds grace to the interior of your house with its glamorous look. While it is true that they are delicate in a lot of ways, perhaps you can go with a glass front design for the cabinets that are on the upper counter. Or you might combine the cabinetry with a flat-front style. Just like a window, a single cabinet can be manufactured with several panes of glass. Other than that, glass cabinets are also easily cleanable. 

3. Beadboard cabinets 

Beadboard cabinets are also called tongue-and-groove. Their construction is in a way that vertical slats are fitted into each other to form a pleasing shape. You can opt for beadboard cabinets if you are looking forward to a grand and picturesque look for your kitchen. For people who are renovating their space intending to achieve an uplift, these detailed and textured cabinets can do wonders for them.

4. Plywood cabinets

Now, many homeowners are choosing plywood as their cabinet construction material. The designers and architectures are acknowledging the functional merits of plywood along with its beauty. The organic and warm quality of the material provides the space with an inviting and cozy feeling. 

Renowned interior designers believe that plywood will surely take over the industry due to incredible features like durability and strength. Additionally, cabinets that are made up of plywood do not shrink, warp, or expand.  Other than that, they are inexpensive as well. You can easily find them in any market so it is easily accessible as well. However, make sure that you choose good-quality material at all costs. 

These four cabinet styles should be your go-to designs for your upcoming home renovation. 

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