How To Be Your Own Interior Designer

If you are from one of those wealthy families with luxuries high maintenance of Dubai then renovating your house can be easily done by any residential interior woodworks in Dubai designers or even Bamboo Woodworks in UAE to get exactly what you want. However, if you are low on budget and still considering getting your house renovated, you do not have to worry at all. You can get your job done without spending much. Here are some little tips and tricks from expert designers, so you can design your own home by yourself.

Define An End Goal

The pivotal part of every great design idea comes from the purpose of creating such a design. You need to set a goal and ask yourself what is the main reason you want to do this renovation. Do you want more space? Or does the color theme not bring you joy anymore? Or the cabinets have rusted or suffered damage? 

Perhaps you need a larger workplace, to set up another room, the furniture is too old fashioned,  the construction is not stable anymore etc. By defining your end goal you may have to start working from and be focused on what you want out of this renovation.

Create A Mood Board

A mood board is a physical or digital canvas or collage that is used to create a setup. It conveys a general idea of how you may want to place furniture or items. On the mood board, you can gather ideas that you want to contemplate for your design space like taking pictures from an interior shop, pictures from Pinterest, setting up colour themes, listing up the pieces you want to add to your interior. In short, you can gather up all your ideas here and plan things in that direction.

Add A Statement Piece

A designer may ask you about your personality type to understand the state of pieces he/she may add to the interior that integrates seamlessly with your aesthetic. These may be a giant painting or a family pictures on the wall, a pattern sofa set, an aesthetic workplace or gaming station, a large wooden or bold coloured kitchen island to shoot your YouTube recipe video, more and more greens in the house or your favourite lavender or monstera plant in the hallway, just name it and create it. Such little or big pieces in the house are what makes your space feel like home.

Organizing It Right

Make sure your design will look as if everything is coming together and making peace with all of your efforts. Remember to add trays, vases, decorative things in another contemporary but individualistic manner. Meticulous placements of decorations can be the use of decorative pieces to be utilised as multi-functional storage space tools as well. If you look through a designer’s eye, you will see options where adding a tray, a basket or even a little pot can add up as a statement piece. Together, all these things would so perfectly be assembled that coming back home is something you always crave for. Take the example of customising your TV unit for full pledge storage capacity to store all of your appliances, you can even opt for customising modern Tv units in Dubai, you would have plenty of options to take ideas from the internet.


Designers follow the rule of three to make your space like being put together to form a contrast. From walls, curtains, sheets, statement pieces, rugs to the placement, everything must be coherent. They say you can simplify your hard work by narrowing it down into three colors. While keeping your end goal complementary, too few or too many colors can make your room dull or chaotic, respectively.

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