Trending Interior Design Styles For 2021

Interior design woodwork services might look thought-provoking to get your house renovated but here’s a  breakdown for making your home feel uniquely you. The following guide can help you understand how you can incorporate these styles with your lifestyle with the top trending styles.

Industrial Design

The idea for industrial decor feeling is very moody, warm, spacious, and very open. Their elements and inspiration come from industrial design and making living space out of it with fewer walls and more furniture

Open floor plans, open walls, even open shelves are used in this design aesthetic. So, when in doubt, don’t cover it up, showcase and expose it, that’s what industrial design is all about. It has lots of concrete flooring, concrete walls, metals, black metals, steels, and the use of brick walls. Industrial design aesthetics give off the feeling of living in a warehouse, but it also has softer elements to make the place more homely.  You can add 3D brick walls, vinyl wooden flooring stickers, open beams can also be added to your ceilings and are very cheap. For colour palettes, you’d want very neutral palettes, think about more blacks, warm and earthy tones. Leathered sofas are also a straight steal. Black framed or wind style windows are also in here, you may talk about floor-length huge windows with a clear outside view.


It’s not about less is more, rather it’s about more is more, but the bohemian style varies in cases. In reality, the bohemian expression is just about more colors, patterns with a lot of prints and designs. Bohemian chic style is subtle as compared to the true bohemian and a little more of a nod to the bohemian style or inspired from the true style.

Bohemian styles are a lot about stories, every little element has a little story. It gives a feeling of providing a very welcoming space. You’re going to find yourself adding a lot of stuff or adding up more and more into what already exists. This style has textures and patterns on the walls, curtains, sofas and everything together, which is taken from around the world.

You will see more Southwestern, Moroccan, Persian, Turkish, Kilim, African, and all of these married together in perfect eclectic harmony. This style is a kind of no-rule style. You will see more tassels, leather, velvet, wooden looks, and so on. The color palettes are very natural like the usual ones we see around our surroundings. You can even use cool tones or even warmer tones.

Shabby chic

It’s a design genre on its own. It’s a little country, with a lot of lights and whites. Think about a farmhouse but the finish has been given the magic of classical feel. You will see a lot of natural wood mixed in with white pieces, and slit covers. You can throw on some new pillows and needle points or a floral decor, which is a defining component in shabby chic. Accessorization to make a shabby chic should make you feel like you are giving a variety of thick layers, it’s kind of like it has always been there but you just added where everything is pulled together. Furniture is not a thing, you can have an arm tool with a chair next to it or an upholstered chair with a headrest. Just make it feel effortless.

With these trending styles, customizing your interior design can be tricky. If you live in Dubai you don’t need to sweat about customizing your media centers, Bamboo Woodwork can do the work for you with their customizing offers. Either you are updating to shabby chic, Bohemian or industrial design. You can get it all done. From adding shelves, cabinets, lights or even customizing the TV stand, you can contact Bamboo Woodworks for everything you need.

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