There’s a high impact on how we relate our surroundings with our degree of happiness. For many of us, our living room is the most accessible place in our homes. It’s usually where we spend most of our time. Decorating our living room can sometimes be too heavy on our budgets. Yet, there are plenty of ways you can custom make your living room furniture. 

Here’s how you can develop a beautiful connection to your household by these DIY designs to create a dream out of your space with 3 coffee table ideas that you can do on your own.

A coffee Table Out Of Crates

4 wood crates

1 strong plywood

4 caster wheel with locks

4 small L brackets

24 wood screws

1 can of wood stain
1 paintbrush for wood stain

A wood sander (if needed)

Start by sanding your crates. If you’re okay with sharp edges, you can totally skip this step.

Stain or paint your crates and plywood in any way that you prefer. You might have to do double coats, so keep that in mind. If you want more control over your stain and very natural colour blinding effect, use a towel or a sponge. Once the paint/stain is dry, point the corners of your plywood. Once you know the point, screw the wheels on to the corner of the plywood. Now, your coffee table would start coming together. Place the crates together and drill screws on 4 corners of your crate through the plywood. You’d need more screws to bind the crates together, as it will bring stability. Use the little space left between the crates to put a flower vase in it. It will bring colour to your coffee table. Boom! It’s ready to adorn your living room.

A Coffee Table Out A Trunk

You would need almost nothing to give this beautiful antique vibe to your living area space.


A handful of thumbnails.

A wood stain or paint (if needed)

A brush for the stain or paint.

A hammer to penetrate the thumbnails.

To create this reusable storage trunk style coffee table you can even skip the supplies given above and just decorate it in your style. If you like to do this our style you can add thumbnails in the truck to create patterns and paint in a pastel colour of your choice to give joy to your living area.

A Tree Stump Coffee Table

Tree stumps coffee tables are unique in their own essence. They just sit still and are confident where they are. They are so flexibly rearranging you can roll them anywhere in the house or use them separately as coffee servers.


A wood sander
1 paint strainer
1 paintbrush or a towel

Before you get the trumps inside your home, make sure they are fully dry; let them stay in a garage or in the backyard for 3-4 days. Use a wood sander to smoothen out the edges, It might hurt you or your kids. Most of the trumps have splits inside and it’s completely fine. Paint them with a wood stain and arrange them however you like.
If these simple DIYs look inconvenient for you, you can still get them custom-made from Bamboo Woodworks to make them more appealing by adding small details like more shelves, storage spaces, decorative things, mirrors on the top. Bamboo wood works even creates shoe racks in Dubai, customizes Tv units, sofa sets, bed sets, and more. For further insights, you can get in touch with us and discuss the customizing details.

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