Handle Less Modern Kitchen Doors

Bamboo woodworks is one stop to replace the cabinets doors either it be kitchen doors or wardrobes. We offer these kinds of replacement cabinet doors. We also do kitchen renovation check us out

  1. PVC cabinet doors
  2. Painted cabinet doors
  3. Veneered cabinet doors
  4. Prelaminated cabinet doors

PVC Doors- Replacement kitchen doors

Cabinet doors made out of Poly vinyl chloride are long term and are ideal for kitchens and wardrobes too. The cons of PVC show really when sunlight hits it directly, it starts to get hard and peels off from the MDF.

Price Starts from DHS- 200/door


PVC doors white gloss Kitchen doors- Great for Kitchen door replacement

Painted doors

We paint cabinet doors as well. There is a range of colors and three finishes to choose from. Matte, semi matte or semi-gloss, gloss. Painted doors are generally good for all purposes.

Price Starts from DHS- 180/door.


Painted Doors with Molding designs on it. Semi gloss finish


Doors Painted in Pink. Matte Finish.

Veneered Doors- Replacement cabinet doors

Veneer is a thin slice of natural wood glued on to MDF. If you are going for a natural look than this definitely is the option you want to pick. Veneers that are available in Dubai are a lot for e.g.  Rose wood, oakwood, cherrywood, pine wood, Ashwood, wenge, zebrano etc.

Price starts from DHS- 280/door


Veneered doors. A 1960’s apartment gets a modern layout


Veneered doors with natural sealer on it

Prelaminated doors- Replacement kitchen doors

This is just designed Formica pressed onto MDF and are generally the best option to go with. They come in a range of colors and grains as well and also are very Budget friendly. Check us out on Google too

Price Starts from DHS-140/door.

Spanish Olive Cabinet by Bamboo Woodworks

Spanish Olive MDF cabinet with cabinet doors. Made by Bamboo Woodworks.

TV rack bamboo woodworks

Tv rack grey- Bamboo Woodworks

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