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Shelves and cabinets are a vital part of every building – be it your home or workplace. Having spacious and neatly designed shelves not only makes your space look beautiful, but also allows you to arrange your stuff and make it look tidy. If you’re looking to get shelves installed in your place, or need fixing and repair for already installed ones, make sure to get in touch with the best company in Dubai. Hiring professionally trained workers will make your work faster and better.

Bamboo WoodWork is one of the leading furniture shops that sell only the highest quality stuff, provides the best repair and maintenance services, yet does not put heavy loads on your budget. Get any type of furniture repair in Dubai or wooden equipment – shelves, cabinets, closets, cupboards, or beds made, installed, or repaired by us. Our professional craftsmen are trained to handle all types of issues effectively.

Our Working Methodology

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We aim to meet your requirements by following the most effective procedures. Our workers are instilled with the right knowledge and have immense experience in using the best methods. They learn the type of shelf and then use the right tools accordingly. Then comes the stage of identifying what kind of wall will the shelf be mounted on, the strength and material of the wall are analyzed by our workers before they start working, if they feel the wall cannot withstand the shelf, they will let you know what needs to be done first. The teams will make use of strong supports so that the shelf stands stable. Additionally, our workers will make sure there are no scratches and marks left on your wall.

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